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What is Konsyl Bladder Control?

Keeping the bladder under control is key to a comfortable future. When your flow becomes less frequent, more frequent, or irregular then you may want to seek a supplement that can improve bladder control. Konsyl offers an all-natural supplement called Bladder Control to people suffering from irregular urinary patterns. Often this particular problem can occur in men due to poor prostate health. Men may be able to receive prostate support from these capsules which in turn might improve irregular flow patterns. This product is also said to help those who feel frequent urges reduce the risk of embarrassing accidents.

Product Details:

Bladder Control bottles come with 60 EZ-Caps. Each capsule contains only a few ingredients that may need to be consumed daily to reach potential results. Users are suggested to begin taking 3 capsules daily for at least 2 weeks. After this time, you may be able to reduce serving sizes to 2 capsules per day; however, if relief is not felt it may be best to continue consuming higher dosages. It is said that many will see gains within 6 weeks when following the recommended dosage. If improvements are not seen after this time it may be unlikely that the ingredients are fit for your body.


  • May improve bladder functions
  • May provide prostate support


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  • Long-term usage may be crucial in order to reap benefits
  • Product does not appear to be available on manufacturer website


Pumpkin Seed Extract and Isoflavone Extract from Soy Germ.

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