Alternative Treatments for Enlarged Prostate

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Whether you have an enlarged prostate or are seeking preventative measures, it is always smart to understand the alternative treatments for improved prostate health. After all, it’s never too early or late to start practicing good health. No time better than the present, right?

Let’s start with the basics – what is an enlarged prostate? Also known as benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH, an enlarged prostate is the most common problem amongst men as they age. The prostate gland partially surrounds the urethra, and if it becomes enlarged, it can press on the urethra and block it. This causes an array of discomfort for men, and this doesn’t just go for men over 50 years old. The prostate begins growing at age 25 and the average age of men with BPH is now younger than ever. This is at large due to lifestyle. It is now strongly recommended for men in their 30’s to start taking a proactive approach to reducing risk and implementing alternative treatments into their daily habits.

The first recommendations are for men who are already experiencing BPH. If that’s you, don’t worry, you are not alone. More than half of the adult male population is in the same boat you are by the time they reach their 60’s. Matter of fact, it’s the worrying that could be part of the added stress that amplifies your symptoms. Find something that relaxes you and start ridding some of that stress. For a lot of men, this can be meditation. Exercise is also key for optimal health – even if it just means walking or stretching. Whatever suits your physical abilities. Make sure when you are urinating, you are completely emptying your bladder and don’t rush to the bathroom each time you feel the urge. It is also recommended to drink less liquid before nighttime and keeping your caffeine intake low.

The next recommendation is for all men 30+ years of age, although exercise and meditation is never a bad idea. Find yourself a well-rounded supplement specific to the prostate health niche. Implement this supplement into your daily lifestyle. Ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Stinging Nettle, Zinc, L-Alanine, L-Glycine, Pumpkin Seed, Uva Ursi, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B6 are all strongly recommended examples of what to look for in a prostate supplement.

In conclusion, the best natural advice for improved prostate health and risk prevention is to nourish your body with the right supplements and daily activity. Whether you’re 33 or 73, these simple recommendations are great alternative treatments to improving your prostate health and relieving the associated symptoms.

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