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What is Hard Mojo?

Hard Mojo is a product made for men designed to be of used by those looking to enhance their sexual health. While no description or intent of product can be found on the official website, one look at the ingredients makes it clear. Other things that the ingredients have been linked to are increased desire (libido) and improvement in the quality and production of semen.

Essentially, if there is a marked increase in semen production, an orgasm will last longer. That is the aim of supplements that address semen production. Horny Goat Weed is included here, as well. It is listed as “Herba Epimedii”. Horny goat weed is commonly used in male enhancement supplements and is known to be one of the most popular aphrodisiacs in the world.

Product Details:

Again, the official website for Hard Mojo is unclear; in this case, regarding how to take the product. The ingredients suggest that there is nothing in the formula that acts quickly. Therefore, this is most likely something that will take some dedication for results to show. It is unlikely that anything in the formula will cause allergic reactions, but we suggest speaking with your doctor before trying it.


  • May help with libido problems
  • Could assist men with erection problems


  • Lacking many ingredients known to improve sexual health
  • Ingredient list unusual compared to other products


Flos Caryophylli, Fructus Lycii, Radix Rehmanniae, Semen Ziziphi, Spinosae, Cortex Cinnamomi, Semen Sesami, Nigrum, Semen Allii, Tuberosi, Poria, Fructus Foeniculi, Herba Epimedii, Radix Puerariae, Lobatae, Rhizome Dioscoreae, Rhizoma Polygonati, and Rhizoma Curculigimis.

Top-Rated Sexual Support:


Which Product Do We Suggest?

#1 in Sexual Support – Natrolex

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Our studies and research have brought us to the conclusion that Natrolex uses high-quality ingredients that work. This is based on two factors: 1. Overwhelmingly positive customer feedback; and 2. Our own investigations into the grade of ingredients many of these products use.

This year, Natrolex – among others – were included in our study, and this supplement came in at the top in both regards. While there may be other formulas that suggested positive results during our research, we feel that Natrolex has shown the most benefits; making it HealthlineDaily’s Top Prostate Product of the year.

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