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What is Vital 3?

Vital 3 differs from most natural joint relief in that it is composed of collagen instead of your typical herbs seen in joint support supplements. The creators believe that this component alone, when consumed daily, can help users improve the overall condition of their joints. Bronson Nutritionals LLC created this liquid to help people lessen inflammation that may be causing them joint pains. Less inflammation can mean less aches and a better chance for the body to regain the mobility it once had.

Product Details:

Vital 3 is sold in bottles that can last up to 6 weeks when used appropriately. Each bottle comes with a clear, tasteless liquid that is to be mixed into another liquid. It is recommended to mix around 6 oz of water or fruit juice with the drops. It is directed not to combine drops with hot liquid, soda, vegetable juice, or any other beverages other than water or fruit juice. Regardless of size and age, users are recommended to consume 3 drops per day. It is very important to consistently take the droplets and to never lower or raise the dosages in order to achieve best results; Anything above or below 3 drops may effect potential gains. Users should allow up to 6 weeks, or more, before final judgments of product’s potential effectiveness are made.


  • May improve joint pains
  • Swelling may be less frequent


  • Some may not prefer liquid dropper
  • Not recommended to be combined with anything but water or fruit juice
  • Lacking glucosamine and chondroitin – commonly used for joint support


Biologically Active Peptide Fragments of Collagen Type-II-n1

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